Our Outdoor Cushions

What’s so special about our performance outdoor cushions?

Simply, this allows you to leave the cushions outdoors during morning dew, rain or snow with minimum maintenance. Our foam is produced by special process called “hydro-blast reticulation”. Unlike regular indoor foam, our outdoor reticulated foam has large open pores which permit maximum water drainage and air circulation, hence allowing quick usage after being wet or even saturated.

What is DRI-FAST reticulated polyurethane foam

DRI-FAST polyether-polyurethane foam outdoor cushions dry almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing, or other forms of moisture and humidity. Large, open pores allow maximum water drainage and air circulation, permitting use quickly after being wet or even saturated. With DRI-FAST outdoor cushioning materials you achieve the best of both worlds – long lasting wear and comfort combined with extremely fast drying properties.

Consider these advantages for your outdoor recreational cushions – and your customers:

  • SHEDS WATER LIKE A SIEVE, yet provides the seating comfort of a foam. Large, completely open pores (reticulation) permit rapid draining and maximum air circulation for fast drying.
  • UNIQUE PROPRIETARY FORMULATION enhances strength and durability for long term exposure to sun and inclement weather – DRI-FAST cushions are more than twice as strong and twice as durable as ordinary polyurethane cushions.
  • RESISTANT TO MOST CHEMICALS including most cleaning agents, solvents, alkalies, and acids. Bleach (or cleaners containing bleach) should not be used. Built-in fungicidal additive inhibits fungus, mildew – important for retarding stain and odor.
  • COMPOUND SHAPES FOR UNUSUAL CUSHION DESIGNS may be easily fabricated. DRI-FAST cushions can be shaped the same as conventional foam.
  • RESILIENT, “SPRINGY” CHARACTERISTICS ENHANCE COMFORT – DRI-FAST cushions retain their resiliency and shape – unlike ordinary fiber cushions – and may also be lightly overwrapped for enhanced comfort with non-woven fiber padding for extra plushness.

Our cushions are complemented by a stunning selection of Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. Sunbrella fabric is extremely durable, comfortable, stain resistant and fade proof. A world leader in outdoor fabric, Sunbrella offers you peace of mind and is another example of our commitment to providing you with only the best materials on the market today. Please visit Sunbrella website.